D.O.B.:          1965 - Oxfordshire
Training:        BA Hons Fine Art, Winchester School of Art, 1985-88
Address:        15 Kensington Gardens, Bath, BA1 6LH, UK
Tel:                 01225 482170 (H)  07714 339369 (M)

Solo Exhibitions

2015 ‘Ione Parkin RWA: Turbulence’, Claremont Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent

2014 ‘Elemental Perspectives’, Arthouse1 Gallery, London

2013 ‘Ione Parkin RWA: Primal Matter’, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

2012 ‘Ione Parkin RWA: Perceptual Motion’ Quest Gallery, Bath (Catalogue)

2010 ‘Fragments of Infinity’, Milner/New Gallery at Royal West of England Academy (RWA), Bristol

‘Natural Elements: Relative Densities’, Sir Terry Frost Gallery, Worcester

2005 ‘New Earth’, Byard Art, Cambridge 

1998 ‘Ione Parkin: Paintings’, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, U.S.A.

1996 ‘Ione Parkin: New Work’, Art First, Cork Street, London

1994 ‘Ione Parkin: New Paintings’, Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath


2-person shows

2006 ‘Fred Cuming RA and Ione Parkin RWA’, Adam Gallery, London + Bath.  

2004 ‘Earth-Skin: Ione Parkin and Peter Hayes’, Black Swan Arts, Somerset

‘Prima Materia: Ione Parkin and Felicity Keefe’, Six Chapel Row Gallery, Bath


Group Exhibitions + Art Fairs (selected)

2017 Creativity & Curiosity, Cambridge Science Festival, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Creativity & Curiosity, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

Drawn 2017, RWA, Bristol

Circle Hospital, Bath

2016 Printmaking, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute

Battersea AAF, (Modern Art Buyer)

2015 Grafisch Atelier, Alkmaar, Holland

Denise Yapp Contemporary Art, Monmouth

RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

Cambridge Art Fair (Acuity Arts)

Battersea AAF (Modern Art Buyer)

2014 RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

Battersea AAF (Bowlish Gallery)

2013 RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

‘Making Light of It’, Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Bath

Summer Show, Byard Art, Cambridge

IMPRESS ’13, International Print Conference, Stroud

Brussels AAF (Bowlish Gallery)

Battersea AAF (Bowlish Gallery)

2012 RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

2011 “Raw Elements”, Bath Art Affair, Peter Hayes Studio/Gallery, Bath

RWA Autumn Exhibition (on Selection Panel). Exhibition Catalogue

‘Fabric of the Land’, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen

2010 Central Gallery, Malvern

Affordable Art Fair (AAF), London, (Bertram Enterprises)

2009 Brussels Art Fair (Cube Gallery)

Open Print Show, RWA, Bristol 

RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

Chapel Row Gallery, Bath

DeFined Art, Esher

Drawing Room II, RWA, Bristol

2008 Chelsea Art Fair (Cube Gallery)

Art Contact, Cambridge

DeFined Art, Esher

AAF London (Cube Gallery)

RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

Edinburgh Art Fair (Cube Gallery)

2007 RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

Edinburgh Art Fair (Cube)

AAF London (Cube)

DeFined Art, Esher

‘Micro-Macro’, Queen Street Gallery, Surrey

Stour Gallery, Cotswolds

NewcastleGateshead Art Fair (Cube Gallery)

2006 AAF London, (Cube Gallery)

Cube Gallery, Bristol

DeFined Art, Esher

RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

2005 Northcote Gallery, Chelsea, London

RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

London Art Fair, (Six Chapel Row Gallery)

AAF London, (Byard Art)

Original Print Gallery, Dublin (until 2011)

Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, Cotswolds

2004 London Art Fair, (Byard Art)

AAF New York, (Byard Art)

AAF London, (Byard Art)

Stour Gallery, Cotswolds

2003 London Art Fair, (Byard Art)

Art London, (Byard Art)

AAF New York, (Byard Art)

Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester

‘Location’, Byard Art, Cambridge

RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol

2002 Art London, (Byard Art)

AAF New York, (Byard Art)

AAF London, (Byard Art)

‘If Pressed’, Sherborne House, Dorset

2001 Art London (Byard Art)

RWA First Open Painting, Bristol

‘In Theory’, (Opened by Lars Nittve, Director of Tate Modern), Bath

2000 Chelsea Art Fair (Byard Art)

Contemporary Prints, Barbican Centre

Contemporary Print Gallery, London

1999 ‘Elemental Landscapes’, Six Chapel Row Gallery, Bath

Original Print Gallery, Dublin 

1998 Art First, London

Rosenberg & Kaufman, SoHo, New York

‘Abstract Landscapes’, Six Chapel Row Gallery, Bath

1997 Crane Kalman, London

Cricket Hill Associates, New York

1996 Crane Kalman, London

1995 20th Century Art Fair, London (Anthony Hepworth)

Anthony Hepworth, Bath

Art First, London

The Byard Gallery, Nottingham

Art ’95, Islington, London, (Anthony Hepworth)

1994 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Clive Jennings Gallery, London

Manchester Art Fair, (Anthony Hepworth)

Art ’94, Islington, (Anthony Hepworth)

1993 Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath

The Salthouse Gallery, St Ives

1992 Art’92, Islington, London

Europe Art, Geneva

1991 Art ’91, Olympia, London

Corporate Collections

Alliance Corporate Ireland PLC, Dublin Premier Steel, Dublin

ANCPS Civil Servants, Dublin Reuters H.Q., London

Bertram Enterprises, Somerset Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

BNPA Bank, Dublin Taylor Vinters Solicitors, Cambridge

CACEIS Financial Services, Dublin Vera Forsyth Chartered Architects, Bath

Duchas Heritage Service, Dublin West Wiltshire Primary Care Trust, Bath

Future Business Centre, Cambridge Piro Installations Ltd, Warminster

G & D Services Ltd, Bath Mullis & Peake, Essex

Kindle Banking Systems, Ireland Knightsley Ltd, Ireland

King’s School, Worcester

Private Collections

England, Ireland, USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Denmark, New Zealand


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Royal Astronomical Society – funding for ‘Creativity & Curiosity’ project, May 2016

Arts Council England – ‘Creativity & Curiosity: pilot project’, March-October 2017


2017   Road to the Stars Conference (INSAP X/Oxford XI/SEAC 25th), Centro de Estudios Avanzados, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2017 Panel Discussion, Creativity & Curiosity, Cambridge Science Festival

2017 Creative workshops, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge Science Festival

2015 “Elemental Perspectives” – Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institute

Bath Spa University (Guest Speaker: Critical Theory/Music Technology)

2014 “Elemental Perspectives” - Arthouse1, Bermondsey 

2014 Victoria Art Gallery, Bath – “3 Painters” Panel Discussion

2013 Bath Spa University (Visiting speaker: Critical Theory/Music Technology)

2012 Stroud SITE Festival (talk/performance/discussion: “Without This Art”)

2012/11Bath Spa University (Visiting speaker: Critical Theory/Music Tech.)