Art of the Cosmos

Ione Parkin and Gillian McFarland have been selected for the Art of the Cosmos exhibition organised in connection with the Hubble Space Team. The exhibition will be held in Pasadena, California in April April 2020.

Children's Article - RAS

Creativity and Curiosity gave a talk about the project at the Royal Astronomical Society’s Fun Palaces Open Day in October 2018. Bright young visitors from the Haverstock School Journalism Project were inspired by this event and sent us their thoughts and ideas (to read the children’s article, click here)! This is a photo of Declan holding one of Gillian McFarland’s glass globes. Thank you, from the C&C Team!


Berlin Science Week

The Creativity and Curiosity team will be taking part in Berlin Science Week in November 2018. An exhibition will be held at the Zeiss-Gross Planetarium and there will be a talk on 1 November (20.00-21.30) and a panel discussion on 7 November (20.00-22.00).

Grant from the Hope Scott Trust

November 2017 - We have been awarded a grant from the Hope Scott Trust in relation to the Augmented Reality aspect of the Creativity and Curiosity project.  This has enabled us to purchase two Occulus Rift headsets and we have begun working with digital researchers from DeMontfort University.

Astronomers at Cardiff University this November

We held our first meetings with eight astronomers at Cardiff University on 7th November and gave presentations on our work and heard about their research.  We had the following feedback:  "A big thank you to Alison, Ione and Gillian for coming to visit us on Tuesday.  That was one of the most interesting afternoons at work in a long time!" Paul Clark; "One of the most interesting afternoons I've spent recently", Steve Eales; and "I really enjoyed the afternoon with the artists!", Mattia Negrello.

Dundee Science Centre, Adventure Week

Dundee Science Centre, Adventure Week

26th Oct 17 The Creativity and Curiosity team are in Dundee to trial their VR exhibition with community groups as part of Dundee Science Week. They are also to be delivering a talk on their Art Science project to MA students at Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee

Out of This World   2nd Nov 17 Art Workshop and VR event

Imperial Fringe Event October 10th

Tuesday 10th of October is the `Space Odyssey’’ fringe event at Imperial College London, which is celebrating the end of the Cassini Mission. As part of this, Creativity and Curiosity will be showcasing our new (work in progress) virtual reality exhibition. Come and give it a try and help steer the future development of this exciting new aspect of our project.